Justin’s Brief Artist Statement

July 9, 2008

My practice encompasses various materials and different forms of art. They engage different medias, such as drawing, painting, video, digital art and photography. In the major of my artworks, the medium is determined by the concepts. Recently, most of my works has involved the concept of I-Ching, and I-Ching has become my major philosophy in both art and life.

In order to introduce the philosophy in an efficient and effective way, I break down the process of life cycle into four sectors, which are birth, growth, death, and resurrection. Each sector will be the main theme of my projects. So far, I want to work on the theme of death, and the reason why I choose to work on with the theme of death is because death is the most basic life procedure we may experience in our life (and we may all experience the matters of death in our own life, such as attend a funeral, a lovely devoted pet pass away …etc.) Death gives such strong affects to all of us, also it involves with more sensitive ethical and moral issues than the other sectors of life cycle, it would be a good for me to challenge with this theme first, then bring the working and learning experiences from challenges into other sectors of life cycle, I believe I can defined the issues and meanings of other three themes more accurately, and be more acceptable by western cultures.


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