Coarsetoys x Vans 1:3 Pain figure

July 13, 2008

Coarsetoys, known for their exceptional and powerful sculptings, originally based in Germany, and now calling Hong Kong home … just dropping the monster 1:3 scale (25 inch tall) Pain edition of the Flake figure in conjunction with Vans. The rotocast vinyl Figure is limited to an edition of 400. With 200 exclusively sold in Vans stores in Europe these will not last long for the rest of the world. Amazing box design – sleeping in soft pillows. 2 Skateboards and 2 Tritone Posters come with every Figure. Designed and sculptured by Mark Landwehr. Lucky me, I got one of these dudes!


2 Responses to “Coarsetoys x Vans 1:3 Pain figure”

  1. Shannon said

    Great articulation and detail. I particularly love the strong shadows the toy achieves, its very Sin City’ish.

  2. justinlee1128 said

    Hi Shannon~
    Thanks for leaving a comment here, and you the first one to leave a comment here too…congrad! keke.

    I would never notice the “Sin City’ish” on this toy if you didn’t point that out…great insight…^^

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