Project #1 Process

July 16, 2008

hi, people. I am going to present the process from one of my works from project #1. This image is about transform myself into a cyborg-like figure. I choose 3 images and combine them all together.

First, as you can see, I opened up these three images under PS3. (I saved the files as TIFF files first.)

Second, I desaturated both my face image (as “a” ) and the wires hole image (as “b” ) (making a B/W photo work is my intention on this project.) Then I dragged the a image to b image, and I transformed image b in order to fit on my face. (It’s really helpful if you set your overlap image capacity at 50%, you can move and set the image on the perfect spot without switch the layer visibility back and forward.)

Third, it’s time to have some fun, once I set image b on the perfect position, I start removing the boarder and the areas which I don’t want it. There are lots of ways to select the areas, such as masking tech, lasso tools, magic wand tool. In this case, I use both lasso tools and magic wand tool to select the area I want, and then inverse the selection area, then clear them all!

Forth, after some editing works, now it looks not that bad. But I still feel something missing here. So I drag one more layer on the image a. I resize, set the layer blending mode as “overlay.” This will provide a better aura and texture for the image.

Phew…finally, Here is the Final version!


4 Responses to “Project #1 Process”

  1. maksiba said

    Wow, you are providing instruction here-very generous. And looks believable! What is the rest of your series?

  2. justinlee1128 said

    Hi Maksiba,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I am still working on the rest of this series, this is just a rough draft. But thank you again for dropping by, and please come again for leaving your valuable comments!

  3. Miss PEPSI said

    OMG, you are a pro!

  4. That’s nastily awesome Justin! 🙂

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