Project #1-Final Images

July 21, 2008

Hey people, after a weekend, I finally came up with 2 more images. Basically they were all done in the same way as the “Face Hole” you see from my previous post. The techniques weren’t that difficult to operate and to learn (how to select the area we want, where to cut, layer transform, curves adjustment, level adjustment, image sizes, DOC experiences ), spending lots of  practices is really important. And here are the final three images ~~ ^^


3 Responses to “Project #1-Final Images”

  1. Julie said

    I love the idea of the second photo.. cyborgs! To me it makes more sense (although it doesn’t have to make sense) than the original image, just because all the functions of the face would be connected to all the circuits and parts. (It would be even better if the neck and stuff had it too but great job regardless!)

  2. maksiba said

    These are so amazing!I almost want to see the third one being the same frame as the first two, but a variation. Then all of them are saying something together.

  3. lazerpie said

    the last one work out pretty good, the guy with rocks and stuff

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