My Book project

August 21, 2008

my book pdf file

In this book project, I did learn a lots of tech function in “In Design.” (This is my first time to work under this application program) Personally I found out this is really useful. During the last class, I received lots of good feedback from my lovely classmates (such as text font size…text arrangement…printing layout….binding or not binding the book cuz it makes the work book more like a notebook from Dollar Store…..~”~)

I had lots of fun while working on this project, and more importantly, I got lots of excellent classmates ^^ And I want to make some special thanks to SUZI. This is my second time to have her class and she did put lots of efforts and patient during this summer class. Highly recommend on Suzi’s class. (Sounds like an eBay seller/buyer review…haha)



August 4, 2008

In this project, I made two posters for “fun.” At the very beginning I was quite ambitious about my poster plan, however, it may take a longer time to complete the “original plan (and so far I will keep the ambitious plan as a secret!) ” Now, I made a series of mask posters, I used gas mask and baroque mask as the main icons on my two posters. For the Gas mask poster, human being finally polluted the entire earth (yeah…we finally made it!) And there was a guy who found a certain heart shape plant with the crystal-like outlook. Does it mean that we still have the chances to being the better enviornment back on earth?!!

The baroque mask party is coming up…does anyone here want to join the party with me? Put on your mask and hop up the party wagon!

Project #2 – Logo

August 4, 2008

Initially, René Descartes arrives at only a single principle: thought exists. Thought cannot be separated from me, therefore, I exist (Discourse on the Method and Principles of Philosophy). Most famously, this is known as cogito ergo sum (Latin: “I think, therefore I am”), or more precisely, “Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum” (Latin: “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”). Therefore, Descartes concluded, if he doubted, then something or someone must be doing the doubting, therefore the very fact that he doubted proved his existence. “The simple meaning of the phrase is that if someone is wondering whether or not he exists, that is in and of itself proof that he does exist.”

I borrowed the  “I think, therefore I am” philosophy from Descartes and apply this on my logo. As you can see, I used my face ( I can’t think of any other excellent ways to symbolize myself…haha ) as the main icon of  my logo. And three big question marks on my head, obviously you can see Justin being thinking of something, therefore I am! Thus I am able to function my body to work on all the projects from this course and then post the final image on this blog!!!!

Also, I made an extra logo. It’s just about being a superman. Who doesn’t want to have the super strengths? I can do homeworks faster, don’t need to get a car and even travel all over the world within a second (which save me hell lots of money due to the high gasoline price right now.) I don’t need to wear the bullet-proof vest while walking in the bad neighbor hood…etc. Thus, I made myself as a superman. (I may consider to change into another outfit if I were a real superman….hum)

Project #1-Final Images

July 21, 2008

Hey people, after a weekend, I finally came up with 2 more images. Basically they were all done in the same way as the “Face Hole” you see from my previous post. The techniques weren’t that difficult to operate and to learn (how to select the area we want, where to cut, layer transform, curves adjustment, level adjustment, image sizes, DOC experiences ), spending lots of  practices is really important. And here are the final three images ~~ ^^

Project #1 Process

July 16, 2008

hi, people. I am going to present the process from one of my works from project #1. This image is about transform myself into a cyborg-like figure. I choose 3 images and combine them all together.

First, as you can see, I opened up these three images under PS3. (I saved the files as TIFF files first.)

Second, I desaturated both my face image (as “a” ) and the wires hole image (as “b” ) (making a B/W photo work is my intention on this project.) Then I dragged the a image to b image, and I transformed image b in order to fit on my face. (It’s really helpful if you set your overlap image capacity at 50%, you can move and set the image on the perfect spot without switch the layer visibility back and forward.)

Third, it’s time to have some fun, once I set image b on the perfect position, I start removing the boarder and the areas which I don’t want it. There are lots of ways to select the areas, such as masking tech, lasso tools, magic wand tool. In this case, I use both lasso tools and magic wand tool to select the area I want, and then inverse the selection area, then clear them all!

Forth, after some editing works, now it looks not that bad. But I still feel something missing here. So I drag one more layer on the image a. I resize, set the layer blending mode as “overlay.” This will provide a better aura and texture for the image.

Phew…finally, Here is the Final version!

Coarsetoys, known for their exceptional and powerful sculptings, originally based in Germany, and now calling Hong Kong home … just dropping the monster 1:3 scale (25 inch tall) Pain edition of the Flake figure in conjunction with Vans. The rotocast vinyl Figure is limited to an edition of 400. With 200 exclusively sold in Vans stores in Europe these will not last long for the rest of the world. Amazing box design – sleeping in soft pillows. 2 Skateboards and 2 Tritone Posters come with every Figure. Designed and sculptured by Mark Landwehr. Lucky me, I got one of these dudes!

My practice encompasses various materials and different forms of art. They engage different medias, such as drawing, painting, video, digital art and photography. In the major of my artworks, the medium is determined by the concepts. Recently, most of my works has involved the concept of I-Ching, and I-Ching has become my major philosophy in both art and life.

In order to introduce the philosophy in an efficient and effective way, I break down the process of life cycle into four sectors, which are birth, growth, death, and resurrection. Each sector will be the main theme of my projects. So far, I want to work on the theme of death, and the reason why I choose to work on with the theme of death is because death is the most basic life procedure we may experience in our life (and we may all experience the matters of death in our own life, such as attend a funeral, a lovely devoted pet pass away …etc.) Death gives such strong affects to all of us, also it involves with more sensitive ethical and moral issues than the other sectors of life cycle, it would be a good for me to challenge with this theme first, then bring the working and learning experiences from challenges into other sectors of life cycle, I believe I can defined the issues and meanings of other three themes more accurately, and be more acceptable by western cultures.